Jamie Lillington

Student 3D and VFX Artist

About Me:

Hey! I'm Jamie, a 19-year-old Games Design and Development student at the University of Greenwich. I enjoy participating in gamejams, Dev meet up events and of course gaming with my friends. The pressure of having to create a game in a 48-36hr time frame really motivates me to be my most creative. As well as this, in my spare time I love trying to recreate things I see around me in 3D! This could be a friend's artwork, a silly GIF or even my Uni Room. Previously I studied A-levels in Computer Science, Mathematics and Psychology.

Hope you enjoy my portfolio!


Personal 3D projects - made in Blender

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Gamejam Unity


This was my first ever gameJam with the theme of 'Roots', I worked with 3 of my coursemates and we created a two player tile based top down game inspired by 'mine sweeper'.

Gamejam Unity


For my second gameJam, I worked with the same team as the first, this theme was 'Welfare'. OrganSweeper is a fast-paced 2D hospital game made in Unity where the player has 12 patients to look after.

Gamejam Unity

No one can hear you laugh in space

The theme for this gameJam was "make me laugh". We decided to make a two player 2D puzzle game set on a space station.

Gamejam Unity

Confectionery Confusion

The theme of this gameJam was "moderation". I worked in a much large group of 9 people for this jam. We created a puzzle game set in a sweet shop


Arduino nuclear reactor panel game

This group project is a bit different. Our task was to create a custom controller as well as a game in unity to go along with it.



This project is a basic top down roguelike game incorporating OOP principles, set in the future where sailing is outlawed.

Unreal Blender

bartender blitz

This is a solo project with all 3D assets created by me. Your role is a bartender that must serve drinks to life sized glasses of alcohol before they get 'pissed' and attack you.

Games Development Society

As part of my Second year at Uni, I helped restart the Games Development Society along with 5 of my friends, with my role being the treasurer.

Retro Games Night

Our first event was retro games night. We connected old consoles such as: Wii, MegaDrive, Playstation 2 and NES to the screens in our student bar. The main attraction was sing star (a karaoke game) on the PS2.

"Fight" Night

For this event we hosted a Street fighter 6 Tournament and I made the custom medal for the winner! As well as this, we had Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 8 and Smash Bros. Brawl for people who wanted a more casual experience.

Quiz Night

we had a 60 question video game quiz with free pizza! We had three rounds: easy, medium and hard. With questions including 'what game is this image from' and historic gaming events.